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The Practical Entrepreneur Masterclass Launched to Help Entrepreneurs Bounce Back

The Practical Entrepreneur Masterclass Launched to Help Entrepreneurs Bounce Back

There is a new entrepreneur online masterclass that can help business owners and professionals endure and rebuild through the crisis through practical and essential concepts.

The entrepreneur-author of best-selling book The Practical Entrepreneur / eBook Entrepreneur in Crisis and founder of the SME movement Bounce Back PH

/ Bounce Back Network,  Jason dela Rosa, recently launched The Practical Entrepreneur Masterclass. This purely online course includes four live sessions every week for a month, the digital version of the book and a digital Weekly Success Planner with 52 core concepts that are important for an entrepreneur to know. The course, which will be conducted by Dela Rosa himself, will feature core fundamentals that an entrepreneur often neglects. “Because of the realities and hard hitting effects of the crisis, more than ever, we have to focus on ourselves as individuals first before moving on to rebuild our ventures and careers,” says Dela Rosa. “For us to bounce back from the crisis, we need to focus on these concepts before we even think of our business strategies. You have to accept the realities and move with a negative strategy while harnessing positive energy. We want to build strong, resilient entrepreneurs who are very conscious of what they really want to achieve, with two feet on the ground, while learning about practical skills such as building revenue, being cash flow conscious, practical innovation, inversion thinking and scaling your business.”

Dela Rosa has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years handling several ventures focused on innovative tech, eCommerce, food/beverage, medical tech, entertainment and eLearning. The course is a collection of fundamentals based on the author’s combined experience, failures and victories. The course is a bit different from your usual live webinars or online classes. “We will use a method called social learning, of which I am an advocate, where we synthesize everyone’s reflections together, and we will be able to learn from everyone’s experiences guided by the concepts that will be taught.” Special guests will also be participating to give the students insights on specific business topics. To help more MSMES and small business owners, the course was designed to give maximum impact at a very affordable cost. Those who enroll will also be automatically be members of the Founders Circle, which will be a group of like-minded entrepreneurs helping each other grow through sharing, connections and mentorship. 

Online registration is now open for the course and starts on August 22, 2020. One time enrollment fee is Php 5,000 but if you enroll before August 15, 2020, the price is just Php 3,500. To access the enrollment form, just go to or you can go to the page to purchase a copy of the book or for more information about the course.

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