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Bounce Back PH Launches a “First in the World” Virtual Bazaar

Bounce Back PH Launches a “First in the World” Virtual Bazaar

To cap off the last quarter of the year with a positive bang, business crisis advocacy group Bounce Back PH launches a virtual event to help its thousands of SME members recover through sales and promotions. This November 11, 2020, together with Unionbank Globallinker, Resellee, One Halal Global Corp, VG8, Quarantalk, JCI Makati, Marketsocial and other big groups, the organization will run a month long online bazaar entitled “SHINE: A BOUNCE BACK BAZAAR” that features a 3D multiplayer environment that allows users to shop and interact in an immersive world.

It will be free of charge to join the virtual bazaar, which includes an online store in Unionbank’s Linker store platform, training, onboarding on the Resellee platform, and promotions in the Bounce Back platforms. The free merchant is also required to give a 10% commission to the bazaar, of which a percentage will go to programs to help SME’s bounce back. If the merchant would like to have a virtual booth in the virtual world, provided by Virtual X, it will cost Php 5,000 per weekend, or Php 15,000 for four weekends, plus 7.5% commission. In the virtual world, a customer can explore booths and kiosks using an avatar, and interact with other users using live chat. Users can also do real world transactions inside as well. To date, there are many merchants applying to be part of the bazaar.

Bounce Back PH also partnered with ONE HALAL GLOBAL to launch the first virtual halal bazaar that will happen inside the virtual world.

The crisis has affected a lot of businesses, and the virtual bazaar is an innovation that can help bring more engagement with customers, and hopefully also increase sales for entrepreneurs. To learn more about the Bazaar, you can watch the video

To sign up as a merchant –

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