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Blue Capuch Design Studio: Focus on What You Can Control

Blue Capuch Design Studio: Focus on What You Can Control

A lot of businesses struggled during the quarantine period because they relied on face to face transactions or customers that visit their physical space. There are those who were able to adapt quickly such as Jhunafei Ruanto of Blue Capuch, since most of their work can be done online. We caught up with Jhunafei to get her insights.

What is Blue Capuch and what do you offer?

Our company, Blue Capuch Graphic Design Studio, offers graphic design services for both print and digital media. Our graphic design service covers areas such as, but not limited to, product packaging and label design, layout design, and logo design. We also provide digital printing services.

What opportunities did you lose when the lockdown was implemented?

Not much, to be honest. Most of our work and transactions can be done online, and delivery service providers have been a huge help.

If there were notable hitches in our operations during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), those were: (1) Our new digital printer, which should have been delivered in March, got delivered to us around the 3rd week of May, and (2) We only got to transfer to our new office by the first week of June.

How did Blue Capuch do during the lockdown period?

It did pretty well than we initially expected. Of course, there was some struggling especially during March and April where we only got an average of five (5) customers or orders in that period. Nevertheless, we continued to accept clients that are operating during the lockdown. We widened our network and support by participating in business groups such as BNI. When May rolled around, things have started to pick up.

How did you innovate the way you sold your products to bounce back from the crisis?

Throughout this crisis, we focused on the following key things: (1) Efficiently and prudently maximizing the resources that we have; (2) Rely on the available technologies that can help us deliver our services; (3) Strengthen our networks and linkages; (4) Exercise a ton of patience; and (5) Keep ourselves safe and healthy.

We did, particularly, put a bit more focus on our packaging and label design service for micro and small enterprises. With many people becoming online sellers, we thought of offering our packaging and label design service, as well as assist and advise them concerning Philippine mandatory labeling requirements, especially for food products. Aside from that, we also offered our printing service for their labels.

5) What is your advice to Bounce Back community?

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly hit our healthcare and economic systems. Nevertheless, the crisis has brought to light again our resiliency as a community, and as a people. For all intents and purposes, most of us can’t do much to address the crisis aside from doing all recommended health measures in keeping ourselves safe and healthy. Then again, it is imperative that we focus on the things and situations we can control, technologies that we can readily tap, and remember to always help each other out.  

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